Just over five years after charter government was adopted by county voters, one of the county’s political groups is aiming to end it.

The Frederick County Conservative Club is aiming to get enough signatures on a petition to return the form of government to a Board of County Commissioners, according to a post earlier this month by Frederick Local Yokel, a blog focusing on local politics.

Former County Councilman and County Commissioner Kirby Delauter wrote a message titled “Frexit 2020,” a nod to the United Kingdom’s leaving the European Union. In it, he details the Conservative Club’s intention to draft a ballot initiative to return to a commissioner form of government, and asks for donations to help accomplish that goal.

“The Commissioner form of Government is far better representation for businesses and taxpayers,” Delauter wrote.

Delauter could not be reached for comment via multiple phone calls this week, but Fred Propheter, president of the Conservative Club, said the club is assembling a steering committee to help gather signatures and finish the petition.

Propheter admitted he voted for the charter, but has since felt a commissioner form of government is more responsive and citizen-friendly than one that involves a county executive and council.

“It’s going to be hard enough putting the genie back in the bottle. We know we have our work cut out for us,” Propheter said.

Frederick County Election Director Stuart Harvey said in order for the petition to be filed, 10,000 signatures from county residents must be gathered. It would then be sent to the County Council, which would review and send it to the Board of Elections for approval.

According to the State Board of Elections website, the deadline for filing the petition to the County Council is July 27. Propheter, who said he’ll serve as chair of the steering committee to draft the petition, knows he and others face an uphill climb.

“The biggest thing is it’s going to take a lot of work to get this done,” Propheter said. “It’s not a Republican and Democratic thing. It’s a move by the electorate to move to a more citizens-friendly form of government.”

Lewis Young appointed to opioid, behavioral health board

A local delegate interested in health care and mental health issues was appointed to a board aimed at reducing opioid use disorders and treating behavioral health issues.

Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones (D-Baltimore County) recently tapped Del. Karen Lewis Young (D-Frederick) to join the Joint Committee on Behavioral Health and Opioid Use Disorders, consisting of five delegates appointed by the House speaker and five state senators chosen by the Senate president.

Lewis Young said Wednesday the appointment suits her well as she has filed several bills related to mental health and opioid use. She added the committee oversees Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) Opioid Operational Command Center.

“So not only will I have more information but more influence over the directions that we go,” Lewis Young said.

She believes the group will meet roughly every quarter, but hopes they can convene this session to review any relevant legislation and make recommendations. She added it will be important to review data and best practices of other states to see who has been combating the issue well.

“Also, if there are policies, whether they’re public safety or medical policies, what about the industry experts — where are their positions?” she said.

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Steve Bohnel is the county government reporter for the Frederick News-Post. He can be reached at sbohnel@newspost.com. He graduated from Temple University, with a journalism degree in May 2017, and is a die-hard Everton F.C. fan.

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Does Frexit mean they will be leaving Frederick County? Okey Dokey.


Priceless. I can’t wait to see it pass! Then Kai Hagen will be the President of the BOCC before 2021. Excellent work team. I’m gonna have to go to their meetings just so I can donate to the cause. Plus they will all get raises. All 7 become commissioners who make $45,000 a year!



"Propheter admitted he voted for the charter, but has since felt a commissioner form of government is more responsive and citizen-friendly than one that involves a county executive and council." ?? Examples? Pie charts? Dioramas?


Nepotism? Kickbacks? Bidding advantages??


Looking forward to promoting FREXIT and getting back to the better form of government. MoCo transplants live in their little world & want FC to be like LoCo MoCo.

Charter government is more expensive & the CE Queen Jan, has no routine interaction with the citizens & council members at meetings like under Board of County Commissioners. Instead,

we see incessant FB selfies....ugh....running all over the county schmoozing up to anyone and everyone. Nauseating. 100%

F R E X I T! ♡ Go TRUMP 2020♡


Yes. Get the old gang together. And move to PA or WVA.


Some people have no shame. Kirby is one of them.


K. D. go away!


“The Commissioner form of Government is far better representation for businesses and taxpayers,” Delauter wrote.

A rather gratuitous statement that should have been elaborated upon. How so? And if so, why did you believe er needed to change to a Council and CE form just a few years ago? Did you and the other "gentlemen" make a mistake? We're good to go with what we have. Ain't broke, don't fix it. Bye Kirby.




He thought the people of Frederick didn't see thru his shortcomings... Thought he and his buds were guarenteed office...


Let's keep them busy focusing on this BS so that we can avoid having them focus on real issues where their views are way outside the mainstream.


Very well said.


One thing that needs changed, is that most charter governments have a county police department.

Ba’lane strategically steered around implementing a county police department so that Sherf Trumpkins could remain at the top.

A county police Dept will ensure that the top brass are well educated and qualified. Whereas, a sheriff is elected and anyone can run, even the line cook at Outback Steakhouse


I have to disagree with this one. Looking at large cities the mayor has far too much power over the police department and politicizes their actions. A sheriff does that too but I prefer separation of powers over consolidation of them, one of the reasons I like how CE and council has worked out.


education and qualifications are critical. The Ethan Saylor death - 100% because of lack of training. and the lack of training is because of an uneducated sheriff. That’s only one example out of many.


That's an issue with the electorate, not a reason to change the structure of government. Changing government to enable or disable individuals is a really bad idea in my opinion. That is like saying Jan is doing a great job so we should remove term limits from the CE. Might sound good now but down the line we're enabling a local version of Putin or Xi.


You have to keep in mind - the current sheriff lacks the qualifications to even apply to be an officer with FPD, and MCPD. The charger should entail a legit police force


I'd vote for the line cook over Bubba.




Frederick republicans are victims of their own excess. You guys wanted this, you got it, and now you’re gone never to return. Blaine sabotaged you guys, and Kirby, Billy et al. made it permananet. Go yell at Blaine and leave Frederick County government to the adults. Trust me, even you guys will be better off.

Matt Seubert


As always Matt you are right on target. Thanks for you excellent work.


Spot on Matt!


I was against the Charter, now I am for it. It gives subdivisions representation that the BOCC did not. The Charter was written for the Blaine gang and they lost. Now they hope to get more by having County wide election. Just more hope for the old Blaine gang



Same boat here, I'd like it tweaked and the CE not as strong but overall it's been more efficient than the commissioner model even with the added staff.


OOPS!!! The 3 amigos Blaine Kirby and Billy never guessed that the (then) minority Dems would control the CE and the County Council. Sorry boys, we won't be going back. You got what you wanted. Buyers remorse I suppose. Suck it up.


The irony is that they brought this about by paving over Frederick county and now the ones who oppose that are being elected.


Spot on a thump!


[thumbup] Only have themselves to blaine, I mean blame


As I keep writing, I was the first person in the FNP comments to write that, because of all the large scale development that Ba’Lane, Billie, and Kirbie were / had approved, Frederick County MD will turn blue.

Anyone recall how vocal I was here in supporting Karl Bickel’s run for sheriff? He GOT an impressive number of

Votes. He lost by what, 3%? Ba’lane Kirbie and Billie were his best advocates.


the people of Frederick county voted for a charter form of government,so lets move on and stop living in the past.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] This is where the Frexit comment falls flat. People of Britain voted to leave the EU, people of Frederick voted for home rule by adopting the charter. It's nonsense to say they are similar.


Kirby is all about nonsense.


Local Republicans lag in registered voters versus Democrats, they can't score meaningful electoral victories, they can't accomplish anything legislatively, and most of their former disgraced office-holders were voted out of office in primaries by their own party by wide margins.

So in order to recapture the magic of the Young BOCC's K-12 education austerity, privatization, and over-development, this crew wants to get the band back together --- ostensibly the same band that advocated for Charter Government in the first place and whose actions ultimately led to the economic and social conditions that allowed the a Democratic takeover in the first place. Amazing. A breathtakingly, overtly cynical and desperate move by flailing reactionaries.

Charter government is working just fine, thanks. But the Republicans have had significant electoral set-backs and miscalculations. Let's go:

1. Kirby, Blaine, and the rest of the good ol' boys put Charter Government on the ballot. They championed it. They though they had the County Executive race and the County Council race in the bag in 2014. Not so!

2. Elected Republicans, with a clear majority were on the first County Council so godawful to Bud Otis, he left the Republican Party while seated as County Council President.

3. Every single issue that the Republicans raised Hell over was a complete wash and easily shrugged off. In other words, nothing stuck to Jan or Bud or other Councilmembers. They did not win absolutely ANY of the press cycles especially: the false sexual harassment claim against Bud, the Ethics Commission and legislation, school funding, snow plows and removal, Citizens/Montevue, bond ratings, and Monrovia Town Center. The electorate of Frederick and the press knew which side they were on and outright dismissed their shenanigans.

4. If you are a Republican in office on the County Council right now, your job is now in jeopardy thanks to this fringe movement that broke away from Repubilcan Central Committee upon Afzali's Primary victory. This is the crew that supported Earl Robbins --- not the party's nominee. So much for party unity!

5. This is a response to the electoral demographic shift. Frederick is turning BLUE. Look at the margins of victory in 2018 for re-elected and new candidates now in office. Look at the decreasing disparity in the Sheriff's race. They are scared!

If #Kirby and other architects of Charter government manage to get anything on the ballot that calls for the reinstatement of a Commissioner-form of government, it must be opposed.


👍🏻👍🏻 Adam. They are group of crazy people. Makes my skin crawl just reading their names again.


Ha ha ha! Frexit is so darn funny! Why would anyone listen to Kirby? This is just the funniest thing I heard today.


Have you seen Kirbie’snpersonal Facebook Page? He has his followers bowing down to him. It’s quite comical.


Echo chamber


Thurmont residents are Jenkins and Delauters “BASE”. “But some are very good people”.


Kirby is to Frederick Republican as Donald Trump is the national Republican base. I could expound, but the name reputation is good enough.


Perhaps someone from the FCCC would explain why and how the commissioner for is more “citizen-friendly” instead of merely asserting that it is.


What a joke. The Conservative Club and Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter pushed Charter Government HARD when their plan was for Blaine to be elected County Executive and Kirby and Billy to be elected to the County Council with Billy elected to be President of the CC. But Jan whooped Blaine real bad and Billy wasn’t elected Prez of the CC and started his 4 year pout and Kirby his 4 year terrorist imitation. Jan and the CC have served us well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


👍🏻 “Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter”. Hilarious!

I’ll never forget how he got punked on national TV by Rachel Madow. That’s got to be hard for him to live with. I think they call that Karma....


I still think the two funniest parts of that were 1) the FNP editorial with the first letter of each paragraph spelling his name and 2) that the kick into national attention was courtesy of Walter Olsen, a Cato Institute libertarian and resident of New Market (IIRC), who correctly recognized Kirby’s most UN conservative behavior.



Auto-incorrect changed that to UN.


It figures Delauter would give his full support to this nonsense. He always was backward thinking.

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