Sounds like his plan to fund his retirement failed. At least he is looking at free food and shelter for the rest of his life.

I second that recommendation. Near the end of the tour, there are three letters written by Otto Frank on the wall behind plexiglass. If you go, you must read them. Please take the time to read them. They are the most impactful artifacts there. After reading those, I can only imagine these…

Deb’s is seriously worth the visit if you haven’t yet. She makes the best baked goods that I have tasted. Whether your preference is savory or sweet, you will not be disappointed.

abowers1 commented on One special kitty

What a beautiful tribute to your "mama cat!"

Aldi hasn’t been there longer than Progress Dr. Progress Drive has been there about 18 years. It hasn’t always been as large as it is now, but it had been there in some capacity.

I couldn't agree more.

Actually, in Italy, it is eaten with a fork an knife similar to a big pancake. It is not cut at all when it is served to you. Sliced pizza (made to be portable) is an Americanization of pizza.

Ok, Diane Warren, the great songwriter can continue to do her too because she is fabulous. However, I meant Elizabeth Warren.

She seems like a great candidate for President of the United States with those credentials.

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