Please do a more detailed story about the nursing home situation in Frederick. Not just number of deaths but number of cases and what thre nursing homes are doing to mitigate. It’s shocking to see so many facilities in Frederick with high numbers, while facilities elsewhere in the state h…

Maryland has started reporting cases by zip code.

Thank you Frederick Health. You’ve been wonderful this past week during my family member’s hospitalization.

My mom has cancer and is hospitalized at FMH. She’s on a covid floor because she was tested for covid when she arrived in the ER, I guess because she had a fever. At any rate, we can’t visit her and she is very, very ill. This is a nightmare. I do appreciate the kind and caring staff at FMH.

He incessantly spams the comments. Not sure why FNP allows it.

It’s more contagious than flu, and 20% of those who contract it require hospitalization. This article does not inspire confidence that the local health system can handle an outbreak. Let’s hope they’re right and it turns out to be no big deal, but reports out of places like Italy are sobe…

Please know there are thousands of people today who saw your story and are holding you in our hearts.

What a huge service these parents are doing by sharing their story in the midst of their grief. I had no idea flu could cause sepsis.

Palate. Not palette.

These elected officials claim to be concerned about traffic congestion— but meanwhile, the houses just keep being built along 270.

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