A market would be the most appealing option. Coming from York, PA the one thing I miss was a vibrant marketplace.

benhem612 commented on Hogan makes a big bet on Amazon

Someone call Elon Musk and offer him 4 more billion for a hyper loop under 270.

You forgot to include the analysis of the impacts of economic well being on health outcomes. It seems rather important when discussing the impacts of government funded healthcare. What is the economic status of those communities in the U.S. you listed with high age ranges? It is like sayi…


Since you've written off the economic and fairness criticisms of the project please respond to the fact that you have been unable to release an artists drawing that doesn't make it look like a garish monstrosity that will stand out in the "city of spires" like a sore thumb. Freder…

I like murals and agree that while fun, the dinosaur is a little misplaced. I would prefer a mural about a historic event in Frederick.

True, it should have accurately been called a Muslims who the president doesn't personally profit from ban.

Why would George bush appointees be inserting politics by denying a republican president?

Once again the republicans play lucy telling Charlie brown to kick the football. Maryland may be gerrymandered but looking at the egregious states out there the red far outnumber the blue in voter suppression. No way should Maryland be first.

Scouting should be co-ed the love of nature and self sufficiency is gender neutral.

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