Again des, wrong his avg. polls have been 40%. running between 35% and 45%. Get your facts straight at least. Oh yeah alternative facts!

des, actually Speaker Pelosi is originally from Baltimore. Not that means anything. I am curious, have you ever been to SF. I suspect not. I am curious about what inside information you have on medical procedures you allude to . And who is this DT from jSF you refer to?

Webster definition :a place where large numbers of people (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority) are detained or confined under armed guard what we are doing meets the definition.

Crybaby and Wicked. Ah another name caller. keep the illegals OUT! you say, well many are people seeking asylum, so not illegal. No law to change, they must be given a hearing. Just not enough judges. So if I am opposed to spouse beating, but don't take anybody into my house I'm a hypocri…

It was not just a progressive democrat, but we the people that did that. Just as we the people are now allowing imprisonment of these children. Or call a cage or jail or camp whatever you want.

Yes if you somehow compost them. However in a landfill, I bet, many years later the paper is still there buried. Out of sight, but not biodegraded.

'you either amend it or leave it alone' I think that is what the discussion is about. Care to discuss or just hurl derogatory names. And of course the "middle ground" is decided by SCOTUS.

Burgess says so much money coming in to the governmetrn. This is first of all a speculation, second my father always told me don't ever do anything just for the reason of taxes. If the idea does not stand on its own then it will not stand just because of some tax advantage. Only those with…

This testimony should be open and under oath. To call it a PR stunt is wrong, this committee has a trump supporter at its helm, There is much to find out about this presidency yet. Muller may be done. Let congress do their job.

Uhh did I miss something about where this man is from.

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