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big truck John commented on We rightly celebrate Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson might not have been taught about when you attended, but the point is lets teach and learn about history now!! The problem is everybody wants to jump on one negative thing and erase the whole past history instead of TEACHING AND LEARNING FROM IT!! YES!! (people want to get ri…

big truck John commented on We rightly celebrate Thomas Johnson

I agree also, very well said!!....I am so sick of everybody wanting to erase history instead of learning and teaching from it, and getting offended by every little thing!! Nothing but cry babies!!!

big truck John commented on Raising minimum wage is important

Minimum wage definitely needs to be raised! It is not for "teenager jobs" as so many people want to say. We have no middle class anymore, its just wealthy or getting by poor!....Companies can totally afford to pay there employees a decent wage, but we are in a world of CORPORATE GR…

big truck John commented on Keep cats indoors

I agree with you Pam! Even though other WILD ANIMALS kill each other, etc. they are just that....WILD ANIMALS!! My wife and I have 2 cats that are strictly indoor!! If you are going to be trapping, neutering and releasing cats, then how about doing it for other wild animals?? I have all kind…

big truck John commented on Hagerstown vs. Frederick MVAs

Was just at the Hagerstown MVA a few weeks ago. This place rocks! Not busy, and the employee's were very friendly and personable!!

Cameras or speed bumps need to be placed on Apples Church Road. People fly up and down there all the time. I have had people even pass me because I was going (to slow) which I wasn't, I was doing the speed limit.

That is what it is Pam, a holding area for the other dealerships!.....Yes, it is "zoned commercial" but does not mean that residents have no say in things! They just have to make there voice herd and fight for what they believe in is all!!

You don't need to tell me what it is NEILY!!...I am well aware!! My point and I believe most everybody else's is it is not "small town feel" I am not dictating to anybody about what to do with there property, unless it was in my back yard like it is for the people that live on Mose…

Yea, that new parking lot near Moser Road, they uncovered a stone wall that dates back to the original farm land or longer, when Thurmont was Mechanicstown. There plan is to knock it down and put up a privacy fence. SO MUCH FOR CARING FOR THE TOWN ETC.!!

Yea, now I tell people I live in Criswell MD!....Criswell does not care about the town, nor do they bring business in!!....The majority of there sales are ONLINE!!

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