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I suspect something like 50% of people are any of obese, over 65, refusing to get vaccinated, or with some other health issue.

But I'm sure the people in hospital right now are reassured that it's just a common cold.

Admin leave is being done to make sure all i's are dotted and t's crossed before they decide to fire her or publicly decline to renew her contract. She may decide to bail under her own power during this timeframe (not sure if there's a fee associated with that.)

If they fire her the…

I could argue that telling parents, who had been de facto home educators from April 2020 to January (or June!) 2021 in many parts of Virginia, that they have no power and should just sit down and accept everything they're told, was not a smart thing to do.

At a minimum, the central committee types can vet candidates. They probably could've informally come out in support of the other candidate who didn't seem an energetic campaigner either but wasn't under indictment for various felonies.

I figured Hamrick would've been dead last but t…

what that a felon isn't getting elected Mayor?

I'm sure teachers' unions would be coming out solid against this. I'm sure Allegany County WV sheriffs/Cumberland police/prison guards in the area are partially paid from subsidies from Annapolis. Ditto other gov't workers.

Washington County loses bigly under this idea as they'd imm…

Can he be mayor while in jail?

That's what I think, but you'd think that the "insiders" would be OK with a young telegenic guy running for the seat. Either that or he's getting slammed for being not Trumpy enough - I mean, he's conservative to be sure but not as relatively liberal as Michael Blue (D5 rep on County Coun…

I like it - since it gives all teams a tenth game and thus much-needed $$$ to the various non-playoff programs.

I don't think we'd have an 0-9 team playing a 9-0 team in the first round. I suspect the first round would see seeds 1-3 with a bye to the quarterfinals (for a 13-team reg…

Yep and the GOP didn’t even bother to field a full slate of Aldermen candidates, and neither GOP mayor candidate could bother to create a website or even raise money.

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