If you no longer trust big pharma, the propaganda has worked well on you. I've heard people on the right say "It's not a pandemic, it's an IQ test" and you've just shown that yours is right around room temperature.

The uneducated are extremely gullible and they fall for the rhetoric that people like Sheriff Jenkins spew. They actually believe Chucky's lies that Hagen is "destroying America" and they act on it, just like Chucky wants them to.

MTV turns 40. Thanks for the first 15 years of music.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Very well written letter.

Can we start with all of the FCSO vehicles that routinely drive at 80mph down US 15 every day?

Broken record.

Apparently Patrick O'brien believes that "Utopia" is a place where police can be fascist dictators of their immediate area, where they can openly shoot and torture minorities or anyone else who they don't like. I would rather that "upholding law and order" means that police are held to th…

He doesn't care about the law. He cares about propaganda. He also knows that his supporters will believe anything he says. He learned well from his master. Will Jenkins tell his followers to storm the next County Council meeting?

Either Trump is so incredibly stupid that he actually believes that his social media ban violated the First Amendment... or he knows that his followers are so incredibly stupid that they will believe him.

Or perhaps a bit of both...

"We have radical letters to the editor in the Frederick News-Post from obviously radical, full-of-nonsense people."

Have a look in the mirror lately, Mr. Bugg?

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