Well well well. You are ALL missing the point! These Democrats have done it again! Multicolor...inclusion, gay pride, liberal garbage! Frederick is spires. So I'll bet that the designing firm has a connection to the administration. Ugh, when does it stop!!!!?????

I am pretty sure Somalia wants nothing to do with her either! But these liberals need to get over themselves. Whenever they don't (which is never) agree they cry racism. Enough! Political correctness is on the ropes! Don't stop now!!!!!!

Finally! No more political correctness! Let 'em have it Donnie!

bobwak commented on Plastic bags

Plastic isn't the problem. It is the idiots who use them. More government....more government...That's always the answer isn't it?

Lebo- Another overpaid bureaucrat with nothing better to do. Environmental spill hazard!!!!?????Ugh! Enough already, enough! Are you telling me FCPS has NOTHING better to worry about? Like maybe finding a way to cut costs to pay teachers more than minimum wage!? Lebo, donate your salary t…

bobwak commented on Future shock

Wow. Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of sore losers in your entire life? We have had the liberal dismantling of our country go on for 8 long years. Presidential directive after directive bypassing Congress and thumbing their collective noses at OUR desires for this country. The printing of…

Wow where do I start? First, I really think that neither candidate has any of the qualities we need as a a leader of this country. Trump is a loose cannon and has displayed a general lack of knowledge about the intricacies of operating on the world stage. However I do know that while beratin…

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