[crying]As to my previous post the "f" is not upside down unless you look at the suggestion for the logo on a t-shirt on the North Star Ideas website.

For a view of North Star Ideas other designs go here: After viewing this it's pretty clear to me that Frederick did not get North Star's best effort. And have you noticed that the top of the stylized "f" seems smaller than the bottom. Upside down, maybe. …

This design screams "do-over". A design competition managed by FCPS would achieve a better result and a nominal dollar award would sure cost us a lot less.

This "China" where so many Bibles are printed is the same "China" that forces hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang Province into concentration camps for "re-education" and development of "correct thought". Methinks I detect something of a moral conflict here that HarperColl…

Next question: How about a list of Republicans to run against Trump?

How about, "Political Theater" ?

How about options for "I Don't Have a Clue", or maybe, "I Really Don't Care" ?


Amen. I thought I was the only one who feels this way.

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