Sadly the ultimate agenda with respect to certain political parties is not about inclusion and helping people from other countries integrate into American society. It's about creating divisions and stirring up old hatreds just to stay in political power.

Politics as usual. This does not help anyone. Wait till all hell breaks loose at the batting cages next year. You're responsible Board of Education.

Political correctness run amok. This is the downfall of our society.

Given the number of, in my opinion, very good restaurants on the list I wonder how much of this political on the part of the Frederick County Health Department. I think a lot of these procedures and processes are in place just so people can justify their jobs and collect more taxes.

While I like the idea of getting rid of what I would call "school year creep", I was hoping they would have kept the school start date at the same time and ended school Memorial Day weekend. I think with the lock the unions have on Frederick County Public Schools the removal of a …

Not a hate crime when it's an accurate statement. Look like the CASA and Obama trolls now have access to the local media comments as well.

I think something is being made out of a whole lot of nothing for a reason. Given the circumstances could this woman see an easy way to get some "free money". Heck yeah!

Maryland is a high-taxed welfare state where the government holds on to power by enslaving the masses by making them dependent on entitlements. The only thing that has kept Maryland from collapsing is the large federal and contracting salaries that are taxed by the filth in the state govern…

This has nothing to do with outsourcing to another country. This is taking away work that people loved and did well for many many years. There people put their heart and soul into Marriott. Once Bill Marriott stepped down as CEO the wolves stepped in. They hired slick HR people that knew…

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