The sign has become an eyesore ever since putting that NYMEO right on it.

And this is what we've come to.

Some said Bush was like Hitler. Some said/say Obama is like Hitler. Who cares?

That is the dilemma of providing good services: you attract more who need the services. I look at Montgomery County, which is becoming more and more split between the upper middle class and rich who can afford to live there and the lower class that consumes the county's services. The more lo…

ClareS commented on Better education choices

Perhaps public schools should be eliminated and taxes given back to the public. If parents must pay an actual bill for their children's schooling they will seek out the best deal and likely pay attention to the quality of the education. This "free market" approach may just yield be…

Oh, good, now I can go 80.

ClareS commented on Teachers' pay needs to improve

I think a lot of Montgomery County's teachers live in Frederick County. Yes, teacher pay should improve. I think the school's need to take a lot at their administrative bloat, among other things.

That film is nothing but a Christian snuff film. As a Catholic, I was offended by it. Further that teacher obviously has zero knowledge of history since the events "depicted" in that film occurred in the first century AD give or take a few years. The teacher should be fired.

I personally don't care what adults do with each other or whatever gender or non-gender they wish to identify with, but I do agree that I don't want these issues constantly paraded in front of our faces. I have gay friends who say the same thing: they just want to live their lives and go abo…