Barrett and Donald are out of touch! This committee of 20 needs to hear from the parents and not the politicians on this. School start date after Labor day!

I am pro 2nd amendment. I firmly believe anyone who wants to own a firearm legally through due process should be afforded the option. We never hear our Senate or Congress discuss raising legal age for certain firearms. 18 for shotguns/hunting riffles and 25 for pistols/other federally reg…

Cowell commented on Say no to the new logo


Nice article about the OBX!

Agreed jwc4b. So the BOE provides more funding to other schools while combined grade levels. I am no education expert but how difficult is it for a teacher to educate so many young minds while having two different age brackets? Come on BOE! We want our students to be the smartest! Distr…

This guy is a football stud! He not being drafted after much HS and college success shows just how small a percentage of athletes become paid pros. He and his parents should be extremely proud for acquiring a 4 year and MBA degrees. Good luck and never give up!

MacShane must be the only financially prudent one in the bunch. $262k for a fountain that is what "historically significant". Perhaps the board could have been presented figures for tear down and entirely new fountain.

[thumbup] Exactly

[thumbup] Council in Myersville reduced taxes due the budget windfall. Thanks Dominion!

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