I don't think that having the full Fair is a good idea especially when they can not enforce the mask mandate with being outside with that amount of people. There are a lot of Adults who are not getting vaccinated. Also you have the children who are going to be going back to school full ti…

I would imagine that you can probably get out and sit by your car depending upon how they are going to the parking

Alban needs to visit each and every single school building. She doesn't have a clue that A LOT of the schools need updated and they don't have enough space to accommodate every student returning even if you change the 6ft to 3ft. COVID-19 will probably not be under control by the fall not…

How about blaming the parents!! Not the schools. It's the parents who complained and now they have to face the consequences!!

[lol][rolleyes] the flu is not as deadly as Covid! Plus you don't have long term health problems from getting the Flu! Teachers can teach from anywhere so there is a big difference between them and grocery store workers!!

They would have lost anyway!!!

How are they not thinking about the kids? They are doing what is best for them and their employees!

And how exactly do you know that they are teachers? Doing those things and being in school are totally different. You obviously have not learned anything.

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