Crusty Frederick Man 64

You can push on the gas all you want mayor but unless your in gear nothing moves.

Crusty Frederick Man 64 commented on Frederick aldermen approve horse-carriage clarification

What I saw last night watching that meeting was proof again that we have city officials that after being given the facts by qualified people they are unable to make a intelligent decision. The Lambert’s horses have more common sense than the people running this city.

Should have never called it Monocacy Mud knowing what happens after every heavy rain in the city. Would you like Sprinkles on that or Frederick’s special topping ?

If the school system in PG county was so bad why didn’t she start her crusade for diversity there ?

Seriously McGuire you chose to write about this from the city’s workshop yesterday and not the flooding issue ? Seemed to me that what was presented by the YMCA was much more interesting! Or did those facts scare you off ?

The City being played again by the Ros ! 🤪

Crusty Frederick Man 64 commented on City: Progress being made on Monocacy Boulevard project

This is the second time we are being told that “ issues “ between the city and contractor are the reason for the delay. It would be nice if someone would tell us what the issues are otherwise we can just assume it’s incompetence of both parties involved. Election time can’t come soon enou…

Just think folks this is the same director that wanted to stop a house being built beside his just a while back saying it would destroy the neighborhood and is saying this homeless shelter will not have an effect on the neighborhood. How ironic is this.

There is no reason that boiler needs to be replaced because it was under water only the electrical components would need to be replaced. Looks to me like someone is trying to get a insurance company to foot the bill for a new boiler.

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