Didn't need to see this story. I'd vote for a random pond turtle before I'd vote for him. Spouting the usual old tiresome tea party rhetoric. Yawn.

Crustybachelor commented on Poll shows Hogan still very much in race

Deluded. Probably thinks that Blaine is ahead in the polls.

And that's just what's on the table...not what's under the table. He will lose anyway. People have had enough, and that's really saying something here in Frederick.

Crustybachelor commented on Switch it off

The municipal infraction fine is $500 per incident, and that's before the criminal charges come in. Multiply that by what he's charged with, and that's the minimum he is responsible for prior to any criminal sentence.

Crustybachelor commented on Switch it off problem if it's on property where there has been consent. Placing it where there has been no consent is egging a car or breaking a window.

Crustybachelor commented on Switch it off

There already is a public display forum for grafitti in Frederick city. It's under the Monocacy river bridge on Gas House Pike. You can go look at if you want to, but it isn't an affront to anyone...and it isn't in your face. It's more of a gallery. Placing it on public and private prope…

Crustybachelor commented on Internet-caused moral decline

Nope. It's all due to "reality TV".

Crustybachelor commented on Blaine's refocusing

Thing of it this way Greg...after November you'll be able to listen to his radio show again. Apparently that is a win for you. For most of the rest of us, we won't have him in county government. That's a win for us. (and we never listened to his radio show anyway...unless it was briefly …

The municipal infraction fine for each tag is $500. Vandalism charges and cost to remove the paint will be on top of that.


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