david_gaithersburg commented on Harness power of cellphones, don't forbid them


Lunch and recess is a lesson on how to interact with human beings.

How is Trump racist? Saying you can't speak up against women of color is what's racist.

The German people eventually came to terms with what they had done, American Progressives still have much more damage to accomplish before they can realize what they're doing.

david_gaithersburg commented on Barr asking questions the media don't want asked

Agreed nuff said, they are one of the few outlets left that can be trusted.

Stop trying to manufacture a boogieman.

david_gaithersburg commented on What hath Trump wrought

So many lies in this piece paid for by a Stalinist left wing group. Muslim ban? What? I recall a pause on the issuing of visas while better vetting was put in place for a handful of countries with serious problems. I do not recall a global ban on Muslims, and people from problem nations …

Keep draining the swamp!

The Mueller report "was" a path to impeachment, now it's a path to treason trials for many at the FBI and the Clinton campaign for colluding with a foreign agent to draft a false report for the purpose of attempting to overthrow the U.S. government. This is why Dems are freaking o…

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