Wasn't it found that neither suspect had a gun?

I think the actual video link is https://fcpsmd.new.swagit.com/videos/113344

Also, if you are a member of FCCS, please join us on https://www.reddit.com/r/FCCS_Community/

I am a member of this school as a parent and the board isn't representing the parents or school staff. This is a great school but it's at risk. If you are also a member of this school, PLEASE watch the video from this meeting (BELOW)! PLEASE get engaged! Just because your child is happy a…

Everyone familiar with this site should have seen this coming. People have been abusing this convenience and now it's being taken away. I also don't think the gov't has done it's part to keep up with it. The article says, "Demosky said his staff is there about two hours a day, seven days …

Finally!!!!! [smile]

My thoughts exactly. It’s one thing for this boy to be bullied but then to have it posted on social media. I hope his family, friends, and classmates rally in support for him!

Obviously the woman that sent the clipping reads the FNP. I hope she sees this and realizes that she has issues that she needs mental help for.

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