I credit the president for not pretending to care about our fallen patriots.

When republicans say God Bless The Troops they aren’t referring to all our men and women in uniform only those who can attend a Trump rally safely.

If America truly respected her veterans voters wouldn’t enstrust the military to a draft dodger with a penchant to cowtow to Russians and wealthy Muslims.

Over 20 veterans are committing suicide daily in America even with the VA spending nearly a quarter of a trillion on veterans health annually.

Maybe is karma that the middle class who supported Trump for a minuscule tax cut are now faced with losing 50% of their future social security benefits.

The Latinos who supported Trump are partly responsible for Latino US veterans being deported and undocumented Latino children being caged.

The women who supported Trump are partly responsible for a surge in divorce and domestic violence against women.

The blacks who supported Trump are partly to blame for law abiding blacks being executed for grocery shopping in America.

The sad truth is the law enforcement officers who embraced Trump are partly responsible for their wounded brethren in Pittsburgh.

The sad truth is if you voted for Trump you helped exterminate these worshipers.

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