dk1977 commented on It's time

Yeah, I mean, we wouldn't want things like prostitution on our streets......oh wait...nevermind.

Is this really necessary?

How, exactly, does one make a living as a professional chess player?

dk1977 commented on Tired of attacks on Trump

I welcome differing political opinions. What I don't welcome, and will not accept is racist, bigoted scare tactics by politicians that are expected to act in a manner suited for the leader of the free world.

dk1977 commented on Tired of attacks on Trump

It feels horrible to think half of my fellow Americans are willing to vote for a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, business failure who has absolutely zero plan for the future of this country. His political success thus far is due to his reality tv show ability to get people wound up with 5 se…

Apple has never done this with the their new encryption methods. They have helped in the past but are unable to do this now.

Really? You think the planes can see anything that their satellites can't?

In the beginning, I thought that Kirby was just trying to maintain his county business by pushing against this. The level that he has ramped up his protests to a revamped ethics policy that is common sense and is in the best interest of the county taxpayers makes me wonder what kind of shen…

The amount of patience Bud Otis has is amazing to me. I'd have to show up drunk to make it through these meetings.

dk1977 commented on Comcast's plain bad service

Verizon is no longer building out FiOS in new markets. They are concentrating solely on the markets where they were given approval. I don't anticipate this changing.

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