Diane, do you have a Facebook page set up or somewhere else where people can follow K.A.T.'s progress in getting up and running?

Actually, I have been to two cat cafes, one in Canada, where you could sit and purchase meals and the Kitten Lounge in Georgetown, which is run by Crumbs and Whiskers (mentioned in the article). Neither place had any noticeable smell. Or excess hair. Or any of the "nuisances" you might th…

This was a fun and educational event. I really hope it can be done again next year.

Addressing those other issues isn’t mutually exclusive. Whataboutism accomplishes nothing.

A plastic bag ban is well overdue. Would fully support this.

I am not a vegetarian but the beetstrami sandwich there is fantastic!

I could have sworn there was a market on the ground floor of that building maybe fifteen years ago. I want to say Blue Ridge was part of the name.

FCPS-Principal: Actually, the breweries generally don't have their own kitchens, so they present a good opportunity for the food trucks in Frederick to show what they can do. Mayta's Peruvian Cuisine, Gambrill Mountain Food Company and others have freshly made, high quality menu options. …

Sanchez is a pretty common last name.

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