Well said, Helena! Most children are helpless with regards to how food is or isn't provided for them within their families. We should all step up to help make sure that children are provided with basic necessities. If you were always hungry, and didn't know where your next meal was coming…

My understanding is that Thomas Johnson High School was named such because it sits on land that was originally part of Rose Hill Manor, the home belonging to Thomas Johnson's daughter.
Also, I do not believe that "Roots" did not stir some very serious conversations in this nati…

Congratulations to the Urbana tennis team on their victory, but shame on the FNP for its error in this headline. Enjoying its "just deserts"?! I am fairly certain that someone meant to write "desserts," but simply did not bother to proofread before hitting submit.

Why does the FNP always report these kinds of stories after the fact? It would have been nice to know this BEFORE the theater closed. Could have visited for one last screening. Thanks for the memories, Holiday! Saw a lot of G-rated movies there over the summers with my now college-aged k…

Well said! I think it's a shame that the college is shifting away from commuters. Most Hood graduates that I know have been commuter students. They had a hard enough time paying tuition without tacking on the extra cost of room and board.

Glad that eyewitness accounts and phone calls from tipsters led this driver to being found. Hopefully, the owners/workers at the Gettysburg body shop were among those to call police and clue them in as to the whereabouts of the vehicle involved in this tragic accident.

I'm sorry to agree that most people don't care where their over-sized items end up when they want to get rid of them. For years, the city had a recycling drop off near the Salvation Army on East Street, and people would leave all kinds of furniture and junk that they knew darn well wasn't a…

I have filled out the online contact page to volunteer with Blessings in a Backpack several times, and have never received a response. Is there something else that I should be doing to sign up as a volunteer with this organization?

Love this comment! You are totally right about the TS chocolate milk, and the sweatpants part was hilarious. Thank you for the well-written laugh!

dollymommy commented on Think big on East Street

Not so...most critics live in the City. The location may be scenic, but isn't very practical. Being situated on a one-way street will make traffic flow difficult, at best. The intersection of Carroll Street and E. Patrick is already awful.

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