pleads guilty of causing an accident where 4 people were injured because she was texting and driving. She hits a car, which causes that car to go into the other lane and strike yet another car. And she gets 10 days in jail. what a joke. The judicial system in this county, and Maryland in …

If you are a right wing conservative, you immediately cannot be taken seriously. We have seen the chaos you and your ilk have wrought. Good talk.

Nah, stop it…we are gasping for air because we are laughing at the utter nonsense you just later. Wow.

And yet, here you are…

Where were you?

If they did this to your house, what would you say? Nah... no big deal, right?

You have some forms of hate that you support?

Tax churches.

And there is not...you’re nothing if not utterly predictable

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