Happy Birthday, Ms. Ruth. Many more.

Yes, He looks like he got his, we got ours to get.

What are these people doing that never got their checks?

Wake up all of U. Read your Bibles. This is a world health situation.

God is tired of the Greed, Sin, Disobedience, and Disrespect.

Don't give up, He is still with us.

One place I read said Saturday and the other said Thursday, which day does the mask wearing go in effect?

Whether Black, White, or Red, We all know who is playing the blame game. Did anyone ever think about this happening right here during the Voting year? Who paid who this time?

Yes, a Pathological liar, what about him saying "I did not receive that memo"

Frederick may be a Hot Zone, It only has One Hospital, what about that? can you image if Frederick gets much worst?

These mail in items, ( coming through the mail or given) can the virus be on these item? How long do we have to stay away from them before using them?

Why are you minoring the paying costumers,/ minor the non-paying ones. why do we have to log in every several article? why do we see the same articles week after week? it not new news, old news.

Mr. Hogan, you are doing a great job. Thanx, You should be President.

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