There have been several issues affecting mail delivery recently, any one of which would have had a serious impact. The four together are a perfect storm and can't be considered SOP. First off was Louis DeJoy's meddling, tampering, call it what you will, with the whole mail processing sche…

Same old knee-jerk reaction to change. Trying to include everyone is discrimination? Inclusiveness equals a lowering of standards?

elmerchismo1 commented on A dark day for America

Oh please...

Rats /// sinking ship.

Trump debases everything he touches. This medal, the highest civilian honor, shouldn't be used as a reward to flunkies for political support, but here we are. There's no way to make light of this: Nunes and Jordan deserve our scorn, not praise.

I suggest you look at the results so far of all investigations into Republicans as well as Democrats. Don't look merely at allegations of wrongdoing that prompted investigations, but the actual findings, the results, the indictments and convictions resulting therefrom. I think you'll find…

You know what they say: Insanity is counting the same votes over and over again and expecting a different total.


Read paragraph 2 on outdoor masking.

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