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Here's the issue I have with today's politics. The blind following to a party as opposed to looking at the individual candidate...and then the blind party line votes without regard to what the bill will actually accomplish. "I'll never vote for a Democrat...all commie liberals are to …

What would stop the next CE from over turning any law written, and from the following one from overturning the same law, etc. etc. etc.? One would assume, that once a law is passed, it will be able to stand on its merit...and the next CE will see the wisdom in keeping elected officials fr…

So again, the tired argument that if you vote on the budget and work for FCPS you must have a conflict of interest. Of course you will never understand that while the county budget is passed by the council, where the funds for FCPS are used is done by a totally different elected …

Trust me, those who voted for Mr. Shreve and Delauter aren't going to have an eye opened by any of their antics. These are people of the same mindset that all Democrats are sent by the anti-Christ, Obama is a Muslim, non-American, who is out to steal our guns and let Iran nuke Israel.

etown9799 commented on Shreve editorial was 'uncivil'

The issue with the mentality of Mr. Shreve, and Mr. Delauter is that they immediately think an idea is bad or ill informed if it comes from someone with a different political affiliation...regardless of the idea. They are unwilling to engage in useful discussions and instead opt to fling in…

So...if Mr. Delauter bids on a job, and another company is chosen, is he going to sue the county Gov, or file a protest saying he was treated unfairly, and then sit in judgement of the county gov?

I'll believe that slimy little weasel will pay for any of his unethical behavior when I see it.

My guess is that the developer didn't contribute enough to Blaine's coffers and he's retaliating against them.

Yep. He's holding it close and will all of a sudden say "he's listened to the people of Fredick county" and cancelled the deal.

Unfortunately you're right. I'm hoping Blaine's political career goes the way of the do-do...but I don't trust the people of this county to think critically and make a decision on anything other than R vs D on the ballot.

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