So why was the pilot flying in dense fog to begin with? Kobe probably told him to heck with the fog, he needs to get to his next pot party right away. And when people with Kobe's money talk, the people who serve them, e.g., pilots, chauffeurs, take unnecessary risks to to keep their wealt…

If our fire marshall was investigating, the cause would certainly be ruled accidental and the book closed.

The dive was obviously uncontrolled.

This means nothing more than millions more children slaving away in foreign heavy metal mines, with hundreds dying every year there and in heavy metal smelters to feed American snobs and their stinking high dollar carbon-burning battery-powered cars.

Heck, if chiroquactors can bill the state for their crackpot services, then certainly doulas should be able to bill the state, too. For doulas perform a valuable service, and then they're finished. Chiroquacktors on the other hand never finish. If you follow their advice you will pay for …

USAT carries a fear-mongering story about how this horrible virus spreads even before the symptoms show! Horrible! It's just horrible! It's also the case with every virus there ever was, there is, and ever will be..

At first I thought employees at eight businesses had failed a random drug and alcohol test. I was happy that businesses were finally instituting such tests to keep druggies, potheads and drunkards out of the workplace. But no such luck.

Is there anyone in this stinking administration that doesn't lash out, insult, lie about or otherwise denigrate anyone who doesn't kiss their butt cheeks? I can't think of any. Dump them all.

It's disgusting how wealthy old codgers park their 40 ft RVs in public parks and soak the taxpayers who have to pay double to stay there. These takers should be locked out of public areas unless they pay their fair dues. Same goes for business owners. They know the IRS will never audit th…

FCPS-Principal commented on Put the brakes on a commuter tax break

What transit?

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