There are States throughout America that add a third lane going up hill. The would be so inexpensive and solve a lot of backups. Also posting sings to KEEP UP SPEED and the bottom of the hills would help greatly

Would someone please show me where there are words in the Frederick County Charter that 'Developers shall be accomodated without recognition of impact'. While I'm at it, also please show me where adequate water resources are available? And finally, the Monocacy river which I canoe and fis…

Passing from this life doing what you love is the best way to say goodbye.

If I lived in Montgomery County, I would do everything possible to keep the cars backed up in Frederick County every morning.

Having enjoyed this commute in the morning, the one thing i can say that would be really inexpensive. would be on BIG YELLOW SIGNS that say 'Going Up Hill - Push On Gas Pedal'.

I seriously doubt Groundbreaking Event accurately this event. More like 'Filling A Hole'. I moved to Jefferson in 1978 and have watched this intersection become a expanding disaster ever since then. 1. Back to Back traffic lights. 2.Exit to 340 West. 3.Beyond 90 degree turn onto Butterfly…

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