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fjulia commented on Chorus of discontent

To use an old line, thousands of comedians out of work - stick to your day job. Your choice of evidence for your premise seems week and contrived. Regardless, why do you ignore the biggest elephant in the room, the great buffoons refusal to concede and all the republican toadies who refus…

Which is exactly what all state vote counters do. They uphold their oaths to be fair and honest. This is something our cowardly president (fire people by tweetšŸ¤®) and his toadies in the cabinet and congress do not and can not grasp.

I will let others address the many false premises and illogical from Rick (as per usual), and simply ask; Do you want to give someone who lied to America about the seriousness of the Coronavirus four more years to lie to America, I would hope not.

Always nice to read a letter that paints in black and white. By your definition social security and Medicare are socialist programs. Care to survey how many want to do away with those programs. "Pack Congress": So not allowing close to 700,000 Americans (more than Wyoming) the right to St…

Same one note pony, Public schools bad and charter schools good. Pleaase FNP, say good-bye to TN and find a new act.

Well said.

I truly feel sorry for the letter writer. For whatever reason they have given up any semblance of listening to both sides. They have bought the snake oil and lies from the buffoon. To avoid admiting to it they double down on him. I feel sorry for you when the truth about his lies comes ou…

Just a simple question, do you have verifiable(meaning not just a statement by Fox ?News? talking head or on-line crazy uncle) source for each of your sweeping statements? I am going to go out on a limb, and say you don't.

For someone who is spewing "facts?", the $ returned to Iran were Iranian funds impounded by the US. They were not taxpayer $$$. At least if you are going to lie, do it with a nebulous statement.

All the letter writer does is parrot the words of the great buffoon and his toadies and implies that his only source of faux facts is "Fox News?". Every one of his assertions has been shown to be false, exaggerated, or arguably less signicant than implied. So sad.

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