Not true. The Frederick Classical Charter School sued, and won transportation funding equal to the Per pupil expenditure for FCPS students. Yet they still do not provide transportation and no one seems to be able to make them do so.

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What is it about contracts that so many people don’t like? When one purchase’s a home or automobile, contracts for home repairs,etc. everyone understands that both parties freely enter into a legally binding commitment.

The employee associations have every right to hold the BOE acco…

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After you answer who won the election, please explain why you posted that “Mike Pence Is A Traitor” on your Twitter feed? Then how about telling us why you deleted your Twitter feed?

If you read the MOU – then you also saw this section which specifically states the 6 ft requirement:

14. The Board will ensure that classroom and all work spaces allow for six feet between student and/or teacher desks. Learning stations, sinks, and other classroom spaces that must b…

This was the last professional study. Most likely this is the one Dr. Alban was referencing in her commentary as it encompasses Frederick County west.

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This individual who complains about “process issues” regularly ignores the Board process and writes to the FNP. Always couching the righteous indignation as “an individual Board member” to justify abusing the process.

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Base tuition at St. John’s Catholic Prep is $17,000, at Bullis it’s $48,000, at Mercersburg Academy $36,000 commuter and $61,000 Boarding. FCPS cost per pupil is 23rd in the state out of 24 school districts while our County wealth is ranked 6th or 7th in the state.

Average per pupil costs are $11,800 approximately. Times 211 students equals $2.5 million.

Ms. Anders, first let me say I think it’s great that you ran for office. I hope that if you don’t make it this time you will file and run in two years when four positions open up. Public service is the most important thing we can do for our community.

What I actually referenced to D…

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