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I was just going to quote that. So if we actually have 30 people hospitalized for Covid, and the wave of cases seems to be receding, why are they still freaking out? Do people just like to be upset?

How are people even upset by this? I think we all know people that go to work sick, and spread it around. Is that what you want people to do with Covid? If not, then they shouldn't be charged leave for MANDATORY sick days that are forced by CDC guidelines. Sheesh.

Sure, and if you're a drunk driver who just hit a family's SUV, you should be left outside in the snow to die. Or, if you get shot while robbing a bank, enjoy bleeding to death. Sounds great to me.

Look-up the number of trial participants for these drugs (which are temporary medications, not permanent vaccines in your body) and the number in the child trials for the vaccines. I think you might be surprised.

Did you know that some people are considered too sick or frail to get the vaccination? Mainly in the oldest population group? So how old are the ICU patients in the hospital right now? And are they in for Covid, or something else, and also have Covid?

They are just on a racist crusade against Thurmont, they try to disparage the town all the time.

I understand why the charges have to be so harsh when people threaten schools, but I actually think they are too hard for a 13-year-old. Especially one who actually wasn't going to do anything, and had no weapons at all. That's literally the equivalent of yelling "fire" in a movie theater…

I'm guessing you've never had the stomach for the museum?

...ok? Why would they run this in the FNP?

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