francesca_easa commented on Unemployment during extraordinary times

Wish we could edit for typos.

francesca_easa commented on Unemployment during extraordinary times

Luke. I also believe that the many people who received these generous benefits probably spent like crazy instead of paying down debts or saving for a rainy day. But I also believe it wS a wakeup call to businesses to say this is what workers need in order to use comfortably, and without s…

Parking can also be an issue. If employers don't offer FREE parking in nearby garages, then that could also be a disincentive to working downtown.

I am glad there will be food trucks. I have always thought it is asking too much for our first responders to have to BBQ hot dogs and burgers for a crowd. They do do much for us already.

Send the bill to WHO.

This article did not make me any more sympathetic to drug dealers and addicts. You reap what you sow.

I love my country and I love my flag. The U.S. isn't perfect and has a checkered history. But so do other countries.

Beautiful Abygail. I love the Red, White and Blue bows.

Downtown Frederick Partnership should let you set up a table at the Sunday night concerts. Maybe you can also ask if a local restaurant like Beef and Buns will let you have a few there for consignment and collect donations for you.

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That really puts things in perspective. Thanks Riptide.

I believe Bill Gates once said "Do you really think I trust the Government on how best to spend my money"? Enough said.

Sad that these trails are dependent on development. Please no more new housing in Frederick. Can't we just check a box on our County tax forms asking to add another $10 to our bill to develop parks, recreational areas, and save farms????

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