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To respond to a stupid comment I thought that I would make mine just as stupid.

Trump golfs during a weather disaster in another country. Obama attends a communist baseball game in Cuba after the Brussels attacks. What is your point?

frazed commented on Trump's presidential library

Since when is a lame pub joke considered a bona fide LTE?

frazed commented on The conscience of America

If you can cite one single instance where an African-American or a Latino who had the LEGAL right to vote and were suppressed, I'll consider your argument. You can't so I will consider your argument as I do all of your other comments, banal at best.

frazed commented on The conscience of America


frazed commented on The conscience of America

Pfft. If by voter "suppression" you mean requiring proof of LEGAL citizenship then we are proudly guilty. Real voter fraud is allowing people who have no constitutional right the privilege of participating in an election. THAT is democrats, not republicans.

frazed commented on The 'I' word

Prove that he did say those things. You can't....

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