FrederickFan commented on State must fix flawed election plan

Hogan will never admit he is wrong. He is on one big ego trip and more worried about his 2024 election. Hogan actually accused the PG CE of voter suppression for disagreeing with him on how the election should be handled. That is totally outrageous and unacceptable behavior.

FrederickFan commented on City approves resolution on equity

This is all feel good stuff and avoids meaningful action.

The audit was a financial audit. That's what was asked for and that's what was done.

So Hogan really doesn't want to let locals make decisions based on local situations. He flip flops again!

Why the complete and total failure to address this issue and your concerns with the Sheriff? The Sheriff is an elected official. He does not work for the County Council or County Executive. The Sheriff signed this agreement with ICE and did not need the county to agree or even weigh in. U…

Hogan lifted it in June. The Governor issued no limit on gatherings per his executive order but then he still tells people to avoid crowds. Seems a bit inconsistent.

FrederickFan commented on Yeas and Nays

What's proposed is moderately priced housing so teachers, firefighters, nurses and others can afford to live here and don't have to commute from somewhere else. Why would anyone be upset about that?

These are not like the public housing that used to be on Bentz Street. These projects offer a mix of rental rates and I am sure you found that out with the 520 N Market St apartments. Many apartment complexes accept section 8 but still retain a mix of regular renters and different rents b…

You are missing the point. What is being proposed is not public housing but housing that will be available at prices aka rent that seniors and other can afford. This is like Victoria Park in Walkersville or the 520 N. Market St. Apartments. These are very nice and let long term residents …

Fabulous idea to use surplus land to make sure seniors and others can have nice and affordable places to live.

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