The whole thing is so bad and the process such a debacle, you have to wonder what else, much more important and expensive, has been or is being bungled by the Mayor?

FrederickFan commented on Make it shine and sparkle

Bye bye Blaine. We don't want you ever in leadership again but you can pick up the litter and take out the trash!

Really, where is that happening? You are ridiculous!

The residential developers continue to think it's all about them. No new housing has been approved since 2014 but so much was approved in 2013 and 2014 with no or few requirements for developers that the county remains stuck with the consequences like overcrowded schools. Gardner is right…

Hough only cares about himself. What has he done to address the very real issue of mass shootings? Absolutely nothing. He uses it as an opportunity to fear monger and raise money for his next campaign.

FrederickFan commented on County proposes sewer rate increases

Watch the meeting folks. Sewer rates haven't gone up in years (like ten years) and the proposal is for user rates. Developers fees for infrastructure are separate and they have been increased overtime. Spending down reserves is the dumbest idea in this discussion and is certianly not fisc…

If firefighters really wanted improved wages and benefits they would have voted for the last contract offer. They will probably never see anything that generous ever again.

This article is spot on. Hough is the leading local hypocrite on these projects.

Throughout her long political career, Schulz has somehow managed to avoid doing anything of real value. Perhaps this explains why this campaign fluff piece, generously provided by the FNP, consists entirely of fluff. "She smiled soberly". Hilarious! The Republicans probably hav…

Let the County Council know what you think about this proposal. They will decide it.

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