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I thought this article always reported on Frederick County property sales. Union Bridge is not in Frederick County, it is in Carroll County.

Where can I get that on a t-shirt?

If the Plamondons want this hotel/convention center, then the Plamondons and their investors should pay for it. Not one penny of taxpayer money should go to their project.

I put the bag out Friday night around 9:00 PM. The bag they had provided disintegrated in my hands so I used my own bag and put a full-sized sheet of paper on it with the Boy Scouts emblem and labeled it Boy Scouts. It is still sitting outside my front door.

It is ALWAYS out by 7:30 AM, when I leave for work on Saturdays.

For the past 4 years the Boy Scouts have placed an empty bag on my front door and each of those years I bought food especially for their food drive. Every year I put the food into their bag and put it outside my front door. Every year....they don't pick up the food. It is still there when…

garden whimsey commented on Don't leave Hargett Farm park plan to idle

Sell that property! It is another waste of money, like the golf course. Sell it to a developer with specific requirements for parkland, a school, and roadways. Make the requirements very strict and don't let the developer wiggle out of any of them. It will bring in perpetual tax revenue …

It takes me a month to fill either my trash or recycle bin

My house key and car key are on separate key rings. If you drop your car key in a parking lot, they can use the fob to locate and possibly steal your car, but they won't have your house key.

One of the Giant Eagle stores in Frederick and the other did not. As you entered the door the scanners were to your right. You had to take a scanner, scan your GE card and begin your shopping. I liked it because I could pack my bags to suit myself.

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