To Jeremy @ FNP: ...and several pieces of evidence was collected. Pieces is the subject here (not evidence, which is the object of the prep. of) -- needs a plural, third-person agreement -- Several pieces were collected.

Big pharma sells garbage? You are obviously handicapped by an animus of pharma or you’re just stupid!
Gardasil – PREVENTS ovarian cancer and HPV-caused head & neck cancers
Sofosbuvir – CURES Hep C
MMR vaccine –PREVENTS measles, mumps and rubella
Prevnar 13- PREVENTS di…

The picture shows cooling towers belching out steam -- not smoke. Steam is nothing more than water vapor. An electric car is responsible for more carbon output than all of these cooling towers together because their output is simply water.

This is enabling addicts. This isn't treatment, this is your tax dollars at work aiding and abetting addicts.

Perhaps they could use one of the vehicles confiscated during a drug bust?

Mt. Ephraim to Sugarloaf Mountain Rd. (about 2 miles long and mostly a gravel rd) to Thurston

"A tractor-trailer truck driver escaped injury Tuesday after they were pinned in their vehicle...". A driver is he or she, not "they". Perhaps a better way to write it would be: A tractor-trailer truck driver escaped injury Tuesday after being pinned in a truck.

The article says the quote is unattributed . Nowhere does it say that JQA said it. The piece says: "and one unattributed quote that Hosfelt said she’s focused on for years: “Creative is not only a way to learn but a way to live.”

Men actually do get the cancer. It shows up in the form of throat and esophageal cancers and other cancers of the head and neck. Boys from 13 on should be vaccinated

If she does not go to jail for a long time, it will be a matter of time until she has a serious accident and kills someone. 7 DUIs -- give her the maximum sentence to reflect on that!

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