Girl No.3

Do you have the ability to express sentiment without the rhetorical flourish of the cowardly online insult? It would help further this intellectual discussion.

not Woolworth.


"rugged"? Earthy would probably be a better word.

To quote a bath soap advert from the past, "manly, yes, but I like it too"

Don't limit your marketing opportunities

I think you meant to say "hey, look over there"


"The downtown historic district alone has almost 1,400 trees, ..."

The other parts of town, not so much.

People don't want to live in a box with no balcony and older people with bad knees don't want to schlep laundry.

I'd like to meet the folks who designed this.


Toilet flushing is the cause of the aerosol effect. Portas are better in this case. Hold your breath and make it snappy

Oh dear.

It's Biden, Kelly. Can you say Biden? I knew you could. Good job!

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