clueless; these people are here illegally and need to be sent back to the country they came from and the so called homeland security bloke is a SICK LIAR TELLING US THE BORDER IS CLOSED...WONDER HOW 5 MILLION PEOPLE BREACHED THE BORDER IN PAST 2 YEARS IF IT IS "UNDER CONTROL"...JUST ANOTH…

they all need to be returned from the countries they came; they are illegal aliens and under biden our southern border is being penetrated by millions...w/o a border we no longer are a country....the homeland security guy is a sick joke , lying to the public that the border is ealed....an…

spot on!

Thee good old days

the problem is dumbo biden who is allowing to cross border illegally to the tune of 150,000 per month and we are paying for that also...the lefties are destroying this country

Your comment is spot on but most of the folks in power don't like that idea for some strange reason; and remember they are hiring 18 people to teach kids how to speak English which tells me we have a surge of illegal aliens coming this way

Our police and sheriffs/deputies are the only thing saving the citizens from mayhem and all one needs to look at what is happening in dem. cities where police are being defunded and vilified; crime rates are thru the roof while the elected officials enhance their protection and look the o…

The writer of this comic strip is either deaf dumb and blind; or simply a liar...everything biden and gang touch is destroying this country

Yes thanks for that garbage incinerator you and marshier tried like the devil to jam down our throats ...what a sick joke!