gjthuro commented on VP trap snares Harris

right you are

what an absurd comment

thats the one good thing thats happened with this bunch off losers...the laughing lady is out of sight...the rest is all bad for the citizens of this country...now I wish the same would happen to circle back jen

Shannon, unlike cats we only get one shot at life and a person being threatened should have NO restraints when it comes to their life ...and you should know better

Amen Rick; Sheriff J is the very best

Bill, your comments are spot on and Biden is a sick joke!

Alban would not have to be "deeply Troubled" if she had been open and above board from the beginning

great article

Jonah, the problem here is the fact that basically there no longer is a Dem party , save a handful...the progressive extremists have taken control and the likes of Biden, pelosi and Schumer must do their bidding to stay aboard the gravy train. The intent is to destroy capitalism and gain …

gjthuro commented on A time for concern

what ever happened to the article on the Cuomo boys and the Supply Chain Issues supposedly headed by Petty who is on 2 months maternity leave...ain't it grand

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