Young should be a little bit happy now, for he has a home.

Heard the shots loud and clear from my residence.

People often unbuckle in order to have better opportunity to reach for something or maybe get something out of pocket. Maybe this is what happened here. Of course, you still need to keep eyes on the road (front, side, and back) when doing this. Regardless, so sorry for your loss.

Lose yours!

And yet, after I twice. annonymously reported in the winter... and since then made calls to the police about drug dealing in the apartment complex I live in, nothing has changed! I guess prostitution is a more serious crime?

Hot Wok!

Although I doubt it, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the guys that live next to me.

It's likely protocol.

So, I guess this might explain the brief outage off of Wiilowdale Drive around !2:10 P.M.?

Of course, it's only a guess.... looking at phone.

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