Try this “it used to be a place where people didn’t get shot at night and now it is”…

I think you should follow your own advice and stay away. The rest of us will continue to live the way we wish. Super spreader…lol. You’re such a sheep.


It would be nice to know how many of these “ leaders “ actually use 270 on a daily or even weekly basis. Those who use it know that something needs to change.

Some people are such sheep. Variants will continue as long as most of us are alive with or without masks. Most viruses will outlast humanity. The government can’t dictate my freedom as long as I live within the law. As far as I can tell there is no law requiring I wear a mask anywhere…

All those African Americans and Hispanic unvaccinated inner city residents voted for Donald Trump? I’m shocked I tell ya…shocked!

Unbelievable man…unbelievable career. RIP coach.

Maybe struggle would have been a more appropriate term?? But hey that doesn’t fit the narrative now does it?

I didn’t realize these people were attacked?? Must have missed that article.

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