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As a downtown store owner, we found out about it in this morning’s paper! Not happy about that.

That was meant for Blueline!

And you can go back to high school where they teach that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States!

Guy T. Ashton commented on Time for the 'uncomfortable work'

What a ridiculous statement, “Many of them don’t try to learn and make it difficult for those who want to learn.” Do you know all of “them”? You seem to presume that “they” are all alike.

NYC and Chicago would disagree with you right now.

Two inescapable facts exist, regardless of anyone’s perception as to why: police are resigning in high numbers and crime in our major cities is on the rise.

If they have already identified the need for services on the west side, why is it necessary to further study the issue to the tune of $79k?

That is a fair comment- much has been done to gain access to I-70. However, my concern remains within Frederick proper. There is no feasible or apparent way to to increase traffic flow on East street and feeder streets into the downtown area and one cannot deny that that traffic will not …

This is in ADDITION to the 550 homes in East Frederick mentioned in the July 2nd paper? So 900 new homes coming to East Frederick? That's 900 more cars the downtown area (at least) and maybe 900 more kids into schools. And don't forget the 150 or so "affordable housing units" in the works…

Where’s the poetry? You can’t write a story about cookies and poetry, give a cookie recipe, and leave out the poem!

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