Point of Rocks can't park enough cars now.

Apparently they need to sandblast the failed new City logo off the bridges. NO excuses for O'Connor, he was a legislator twelve years, he should be more capable, but then who voted for him?

Exactly why it has the failed new logo on it! I'm surprised it does not say it plans for three more downtown hotels, one in each primary color!

These were early builds, so I don't know if they had firewalls, but the later builds did, we had a 1998 built model.

This is like a schoolkid saying “Nah, nah, nah, nah!” Government cannot Not consider property rights. Property ownership are given by government, property rights are defined by government and shared community values, right to do anything does not exist, like the question about where shoul…

Well at least the Mayor got most folks to agree on something! ;)

There are online logo maker that do better, faster, free.

It should read, Frederick: "Same Old Story"

Eighth graders could come up with better logo ideas!

Now the Mayor can brand his reelection campaign, a big O, for zero! This is what happens when economic development and downtown partnership are involved, more cost for little gain, and citizens are unhappy.

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