So excited. We fall over ourselves regarding massive balloon releases, plastic bags, single serve utensils and straws, resolutions and study groups and task forces.

We could make Frederick City and County cleaner than the Kingdom of Oz. And then all the contaminated water and air fr…

New play opening up at the Weinberg! Opening dialogue...

Frederick County Voter: "Look, a shiny new object!"

Frederick County Council: "Where?"

Frederick County Voter: "Over here. It is the year 2050."

Frederick County Council: "Yea! Last one on the bandwagon is a …

This voter is concerned that it takes multiple years for road paving and bridge projects in many Frederick County localities. This voter is concerned about the continuously rising poverty rate among all demographics in Frederick County since 2015. This voter is concerned about gangs and a…

These plastic bag, balloon release, carbon neutral pie in the sky resolution and workgroup antics are such a waste of taxpayer and voter's time. We elected officials to legislate and improve upon the urgent and pressing needs of the Frederick County community.

Instead, we get more r…

HappySeller2014 commented on St. John Regional welcomes new principal


Cox reminds me militarily of US Army General Custer.

Both went on the attack, were repeatedly repulsed, and then stood their ground on the wrong hill. Simply amazing how history repeats itself over and over and over again.

Didn't his military background teach Cox that if you repeatedly try to take a hill but are repulsed, you need to find a way AROUND or UNDER it?

That is what I was taught in the military.

Other options are to call in air support or naval bombardment, but if the best Cox has is …

Groundhog Day back in February. But Cox bingewatching since March. Gotta let it go.

Anyone reading the FNP here actually ever hire this guy to do any real legalwork?

This weeks long saga reminds me of a three year old playing his first game of whack-a-mole.

Simply wasting the taxpayer dollars all of his constitients have entrusted to him to oversee and spend appropriately. Republican on Republican fratricide.

Every second spent on this fruitless endeavor is a second not spent on advocating for the safety and protection of his constitue…

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