What a joke sentence. This sentence does not deter. It invites future illegal behavior, with any miscreants knowing they will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.

Empty rhetoric from Repubs on a committee that have supported Cox, Kirby, and now a 17 year old from Walkersville.

Need I say any more? [crying]

He has the Repub smile and straight teeth going for him. But missing the tanning spray and teeth whitening. But he is young and will learn.

If this kid does not head off to college or a trade school, he is gonna have a hard life in his 20s. And maybe live with his parents until his …

Something in the water in northern Frederick County.

Kirby, Cox, and now a 17 year old kid.

What a trifecta. And how well do folks feel they have been politically represented up county? Their Repub representatives are laughingstock.

I am not Gabe, threecents. Pickles actually thinks I am three or four posters. Just like she thinks Kai is also an undercover wannabe cop.

When this is what Repubs are now offering up, you know the Repub Party is in huge disarray and trouble.

Between Cox and this kid, northern Frederick County folks must come to their senses and realize the political representation of their interests is a laughingstock, on so many leve…

I wonder if Kai has partipated in any more cop traffic stops over the last 48-72 hours? If not in Frederick City or County, maybe a nearby MD, PA, VA or WV county?

Plus, massive balloon release monitoring is a 24/7/365 job. Would be better for all involved if Kai just had his eyes t…

Stop pulling Kais Awteam2021!

See, now citizens everywhere are thinking they can get away with this.

If you have no connection whatsoever, except that you are both human, with the individual pulled over, then you are interfering Awteam2021. Try again. Simplying stating in this…

Pickles, you do always have good excuses. I will give you that.[whistling]

Racism is showing favortism or special treatment, good or bad, to someone not of your race. Period.

If it had been an American Indian, Eskimo or Vietnamese that Kai was worried about, instead of Blacks, he would still be defined as a racist. Period.

NMP, I do not consider myse…

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