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jsk - here's your chance. Was the 2020 election stolen or was it legit ? I'll wait for your response but you seem reluctant to answer.

Still waiting for the Trump crowd to respond to " What would happen to YOU if the FBI found these documents in your home? "

Hey CD - what would happen to you if the FBI found those documents in your house?

Bhall - thoughts on my 10:12 post?? Why the silence?

Greg - you can do better...

Seems like the letter writer wants to build a wall around the county and control who can enter. As long as the population and their demands continue to grow on the metro area, surrounding counties are going to experience growth. Smart growth and policies can help soften that impact. Tryin…

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Mr. Hough ( why go by Mike now when it has always been Michael ) is trying to paint over his past actions and statements. He can't change his spots and would be a disaster for Frederick County. Don't be fooled.

Hey Blaine, read the list of no-no things below. " Apparently misleading usernames are not allowed."

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