Del. Cox: what is your stance on Trump’s cowardly behavior to fire the intelligence community’s chief watchdog, at 10pm on a Friday, in the midst of a pandemic?

Heh. Republicans love to tout the constitution when it suits them.

OP speaks the truth.

What a weird and weak comparison, not having to stay in your vehicle when you go shopping!

Come on, man! In church, you’re stuck in the same spot, SURROUNDED by people. At least in the grocery store you have the opportunity to create space and control your environment to an extent.

People can worship an imaginary being in the sky in their own home.

Del. Cox: do you favor unqualified, non-medical professionals dispensing advice (as the president has done over the past few weeks)?

Del. Cox: do you support unqualified, inexperienced, uncleared individuals to hold important code-word clearance roles in the highest levels of our government?

Why do you support gun shops remaining open, but support closing abortion facilities?

Del. Cox: Do you believe the focus on Trump’s impeachment came at the expense of Coronavirus? Cant our government officials walk and chew gum at the same time?

Del. Cox: what is your opinion of Dr. Fauci?

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