When the madness is coming to a close, Michelle will miraculously appear and be the candidate. Think about it, Barack had not endorsed his "very dear friend" and veep for eight years. Michelle just wrote a book and is appearing on TV shows just like her husband did. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The previous article mentioned that there was no end date, therefore no penalties. Rather unheard of in the construction business.

Thank you Jagman, beautiful response.

No Gary I'm not easy to influence, far from it. I'm just old enough to remember when we respected our country, our elders, the police, our teachers and principals and if you did something wrong however minor, you did it and you made amends and you didn't blame everyone else. Yeah I'm old …

If Britain hates Trump so much why did they elect Boris Johnson? People are fed up with losing their rights and their countries. I AM for immigration - when it's done the right way. And I believe people who come to a new country should learn to adapt to its ways, not try to force their wa…

How about Ohio? That killer was a proud leftist and Elizabeth Warren supporter. Where's the outrage from the Dems on this one? Oh yeah, silly question.

My thoughts exactly User1, and why should someone who is passing through get a free deal when the taxpayers who live there don't? Figure out a way to charge everyone or give it to everyone free. Tourists? Really??

This is the best you can do? Someone died and you're making fun of it? You hit a new low Kelly.

huskycats commented on Business Transitions

If they can buy this one I think they can afford to pay for the hotel they want in Frederick.

Noise and gasoline fumes. I prefer to eat indoors.

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