I wondered too Treva

Alright then let's get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, DeBlasio. Newsome, Cuomo and all the others that stood by and watched American lives destroyed, businesses burned, etc. and never said a word. That's okay isn't it, after all Democrats can destroy lives, flaunt rules and nobody cares. Wait un…

If all this was "known for years" why is it just coming out now? Could have derailed the campaign, why wait for him to be elected? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, or don't we do that anymore?

Mr. Mayor, this incident never should have been reported until it was properly investigated. Where is the proof? Allowing this to go this far at this point again proves your incompetence to run this city.

Wow, kinda sounds like the Salem witch trials. Let the accusers come forward, Let's even the playing field here folks.

true spirit of the season. Thank you Marines and donors.

Best of luck guys, food looks great but being a born and bred New Yorker I have to take exception to NY crust being thin. It always was and is more of a medium thick type. crust.

Another superb photo from Bill Green. Thanks, Bill.

The problem is stated in the first sentence. If you're a Republican , you are the enemy - not an opponent but an enemy. I am an independent, always voted the person and what they stood for as opposed to a party line. It really saddens me to see what our country has become. Before the use …

Uh oh, somebody paid the sheriff a compliment and Kelly made the clock go weird

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