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So, unrelated but yesterday, I was at the light at Buckeystown and Crestwood (Royal Farms intersection) and I saw a sheriff's deputy turn on his lights to go through the intersection while his light was red, then turn them off again after he got through the intersection. Made me think "th…

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I agree 100%. I live right by the intersection at Church street, drive by several times a day, and I literally see people working maybe 15% of the time. Its insanely frustrating to know there's zero accountability.

I'm about where you are. I can see them as a distraction, but I can also see that in 2019, there are definitely safety benefits.

You have to assume if it was an uncontrollable issue (weather), they wouldn't have a problem disclosing that. Has to be something that makes them look bad. "Them" being the city or contractors.

Leave it to FNP to blame it on Randy somehow.

There's literally zero correlation between that project and his "ousting" in the last mayoral election. Nobody had an issue with the inception of this project, as its clearly necessary. The delays are the issue. The current mayor (usel…

BB guns aren’t illegal. Are they banned from the school specifically?

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I feel like his parents should be charged. If you own firearms, your minor children shouldn't have access to them. You KNOW if your kid has the potential to do that harm. Keep the da*n guns locked up

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What in the world does "intent" of the device matter? Guns are used to kill people, and cars are used to kill people. The gun and the car have no intent Its the person using them who has intent. This so far is the dumbest of all the replies I've read.

They don’t die in Frederick. I promise you each flu death is reported in the town where the victim lived. This was a much loved young woman. Go troll elsewhere.

I don't see any bullying. Oh, wait, that's what you call it when your kind doesn't get complete buy in of your ideas. Its also called Liberalism. It may or may not have a cure.

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