we have made some of our own masks... with coffee filters

correct and many thanks

we are only open for emergencies

I am proud of my crew. God bless them all !

islandcuban commented on Race against time


What a powerful and relevant column Ed.

Thank You


hey three cents


My issue is that Detrick apparently has weaponized anthrax in its stockpile.

I hear that weaponized Avian Flu has been achieved; how about weaponized smallpox?

Frederick is no longer the sleepy little hollow it was in the 1960's when…

maybe if the scientists and lab staff that work in this level 4 lab lived on the base (or in one of the neighborhoods that are next door to Fort Detrick), these problems would go away.

They should close this lab down

What an inspiration ! What courage !
Thanks for writing this in a form that addressed issues from so many sides

All of us who had the benefit of having the Bromfield brothers give our children their first job , have one thing to say , MUCHAS GRACIAS !!

I am definitely interested in occupying the premises and setting up a multi specialty medical clinic ..
Who do I contact ?

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