I read what you said, dude. You specifically called out republicans as the cause of low wages. Which is what you always do, whatever the subject matter.

And for the record, the minimum wage law should be abolished. It does nothing except distort the free market. The secret to earnin…

There you go again, dick. Blaming republicans. How many democrat owned businesses do you think there are that don't pay high enough wages?

Answer. A lot of them.

This situation is nothing new in Frederick. When I relocated to FC in the mid 80's it was a well known fact local employers did not pay very well. If you wanted to make decent money you had to go "down the road". Thus the 30+ year rolling parking lot we all see on I-270 every day.


Apparently, it is now a violation of the fnp comment censors "rules" to point out the obvious truth about mass shooters...that they are mentally ill.

Trying to start a discussion with those who refuse to engage on this is the first step in solving the problem.

Yet, leftist com…

"Mafia gangster". You learned that on cnn, dick. That was the phrase of the day about three months ago.

A nice supporting piece:


This letter does point out the obvious about the institutional left and their stranglehold on the democrat party. Championed on by the hand puppets in the msm. It works rather well in some circles as we can see with the predictable blather put forth by the small but dedicated nattering na…

And yet again, Mrs M, you have completely ignored my original question to you. Why will you not address the factor in 100% of these mass murders: Mental illness?

And nowhere in your screed did you mention the faction of mentally ill people who are the perpetrators of crimes against the law abiding.

Also, ever wonder why most of the mass shootings occur in gun-free zones? DUH!

Those guys were both terrorists and mentally ill, Lyons. What's so hard to figure out about that?

Consider that a terrorist who likes to chop off heads and post the video on the internet is obviously a mental wack job and a terrorist.

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