Here we have some $45,000.00 worth of stupid. Maybe some folks need be replaced.

Congratulations! Thank you for keeping Frederick County current in the Marble Sport!

Congressman Duncan Hunter, be a man; declare yourself unfit for public service and resign.

Kellyanne Conway cheapens the legal field and Justice in general. In defense of professionalism she need be disbarred.

These services are bizarre and unnecessary. There are so many Americans that cannot even function because of wage inequality. America's goals have become inhumane and misguided.

Blue Heron Elementary School is a fine name.

Telehealth is a disgraceful substitute for the wonderful Doctor that made house calls when I was a child. Sadly, America falls for any and every con at this point.

By some measures, China's economy may seem to not be growing. It is growing in one important sector that is relative to this article. China is moving full speed ahead into a Hydrogen economy. The constant political current administration turbulence is setting America up to lose BIG.

Obviously, America has greatly fallen since Trump came into power. The GOP was the problem that resulted in him coming to power, and at any time the GOP can begin the correction. The Senate could vote for and suggest impeachment. The impending doom is inevitable unless they see the light and…

The boy, Donald Trump, Jr. is 41 years old now. Perhaps it is time to stop mollycoddling him.

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